June 2020 Project updates

This is what to expect in the coming months on my YouTube channel.
I build a lot of things with the Z80, this being a specialist interest I am going to develop circuits that can be more accessible for anyone to build.


PT2399 Chorus upgrade for the Z80 Synthesizer
Z80 sequencer
Audio Power amplifier and associated accessories, VU Meters / Audio mixers etc
Programmable mono synth prototype


PT2399 Chorus
The ‘Little Angel’ design has been tested and modified to work with the higher voltage line level outputs of the synthesizer, the board will be mounted  above one of the voice boards and routed with a switch to enable and disable the effect.

Z80 Sequencer
All PCBs have been completed, this project will be on going as there is lots of programming to do, assembly and design.

Audio Power Amplifier
A series of videos about the amplifier build and projects you can complete yourself such as a simple audio mixer and VU meters.

I am developing a chip based on a PIC16F15356 running on a 16MHz Crystal that can output a square wave for the DCO.
This can be developed as a control chip or a DCO complete board that is more accessible to people to build.

Programmable mono synth
A project that will probably for now remain as a prototype but all designs will be public, another project that is accessible.

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