DIY Synth

Introducing – A new line of DIY Synthesizers

There are currently 2 synthesizers in development

The RH-1
This is a digitally controlled full synthesizer with easy to wire controls. MIDI input

The RH-V1
A similar design to the RH-1 but with a voltage controlled oscillator, this is more advanced because it requires tuning and more external connections.


Power requirements are +/- 12 volts. A standard eurorack connector will be on the PCB


This is a DIY kit, and is not being sold as a ‘product’ it is up to the end user to build and test. RH Electronics accepts no liability for any damage that may occur to the end product or any external device. It is the responsibility of the builder to provide a suitable power supply in line with the specification. All efforts have been made to stop interference with any other device, however being a kit it is not possible to test due to differences in build.
All boards and components that are suppled are RoHS certified and proof of this can be downloaded with the product files.