MONO-V The Ultimate

This is the ultimate mono DIY synth from RH Electronics. This is only in the early design stage at the moment…

Features to include:

  • Dual VCO
  • 2 Envelope Generators
  • Prophet 5 style modulation
  • Mono synth with key rollover
  • External modulation

The Prophet 5 Style modulation includes

  • Osc B & Filter envelope routed to PWM A, PWM B, FM A and Filter
  • Mod Wheel switchable to PWM A, PWM B and Filter
  • LFO route to PWM A and Filter
  • LFO also mix via mod wheel (LFO to voltage offset) for extra modulation

External modulation inputs to:

  • PW A
  • Filter

The oscillator section is switched using a push button input and LCD display. I’ve found some nice 8×2 LCD displays.×2

I’m thinking 2 LCDs for the MOD and Oscillator section, allowing easier control via push buttons rather than lots of switches. The same could go for some controls sharing a potentiometer. Though this method needs ADC and DACs so it just adds expense a different way.. Sample/hold could be a possibility. These are all just things to think about at the moment.