RH-101 VCO DIY Synthesizer

Please See the DCO based synth

Digitally Controlled DIY MIDI Synthesizer board

Following on from one of my previous Youtube projects, the RH-101 synthesizer has been re designed and soon to be available as a DIY kit.

This is based on the Roland SH-101 with a few changes and additions.

  • AS3340 Voltage Controlled Oscillator (5 octaves)
  • Saw, Pulse and Triangle with individual level mixer
  • Sub oscillator
  • Single Envelope (AS3310)
  • AS3372 signal proessor
  • 0 to 5 volt CVs
  • External inputs for Filter and PWM CV
  • Envelope re trigger on new key press
  • PIC controller

This is a slighty more complicated design and aimed at DIY builders who have used 3340 oscillators.  There’s a few controls that need wiring on and off the board and VCO tuning needs to be done.

Difference between this and the DCO version.

Benefits over the DCO Version
Easier Pitch bend controls
MIDI to FM Modulation
Triangle Wave with level mixers