I am always open to freelance electronics work opportunities.

I can work with PIC or Arduino, though for more commercial products PIC is the better choice.
From Synthesizers and audio electronics to control systems.

Some things I am available for:

  • PCB Design
  • Panel Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Embedded development (C PIC or Arduino)
  • Java or C# for desktop to microcontroller
  • MIDI Projects / Synthesizers
  • Control systems – RS485
  • Contact for any freelance electronics and programming work


PCB Design
I’ve designed many PCBs and have extensive experience with KiCAD, so any circuit boards you require contact me for a discussion.

PCBWay PCB Review

Panel Design
I can design using software forĀ
The program is free and the panel is manufactured by them, you can download it and design yourself, but if you don’t have the time or need some advice please contact me and I can do the design for you.

Or I can design a PDF layout of a front panel in Illustrator.

Embedded Systems
For any embedded systems consultation or programming please contact me. I prefer to use PIC microcontrollers but I am not limted to these. I also work with Java on Linux.

If you have any design ideas or want some advice please contact me, we can discuss some options or you can simply donate using my PayPal Link.

rhelectronics-uk (at)


Below: PCB Design Examples (Z80 CPU boards)